My little studio elves finished up their turkey dinners and got right to work on these for you. A whole new batch of Christmas cards! And if you’ve never tried batik, the little card format is a fun way to start.  Here they are, for your approval…

These are all hot off my studio table and the instructions will be complete and ready to fly to your house by Friday. I know that some of you have been waiting for them, so here is a link for you to “Pre-order” the packet (which will include all five of the cards you see here), waxing diagrams, photos…..everything except the rice paper and wax. Go to

RUNNING SHORT ON TIME? Me, too, and here’s what I’m going to do. I’ve already painted these originals, so my real work is DONE! Now, all I need to do is take a photo of them (hey! I’ve done that, too) and download the photos into my computer. Then simply click the button to print and print them out onto KINwashi paper. It’s amazing how the KINwashi makes them all look like original batiks. Very cool. Plus, it’s super easy and no work required.  If you’d like to find out more, I explain this is step-by-step detail on the past blog post

Just for fun, here’s the Snowman in his four steps. I haven’t done the waxing diagrams yet, but here are the photos for each step and I know many of you can paint him from these photos. Go for it!

TT122-2   TT122-3

TT122-4   TT122-5


After these little batiks are finished, simply use card stock behind them. TIP: Always use white paper of any kind directly behind the batik because the Ginwashi is transparent. The white showcases the true color of the pieces. Then mount it on any color card stock you like. As you can see, I love to use patterned papers.

Have fun with these…..and no, I haven’t forgotten about the cards with scenes from Italy & France  you’ve requested. The elves are busy elsewhere now,​ but I won’t forget.

Thanks so much for reading. Keep those requests coming. I love them.


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