WE ARE! This is the view from our Villa this morning. Strangely, this rainbow moved closer and closer until we were truly almost under it! Because of our Internet connection I haven’t been able to post, so allow me to catch you up on what we’ve been doing. We have done so much and even had some surprises. Here’s a quick overview of our days.

Our studio is fantastic!



The day we went to Montulpuciano, we came across a movie set. It was so realistic that at first we didn’t realize what it was. The crew was in the middle of a scene when we arrived – something going on with the pope as you can see in the photo. We soon discovered that this was the set for a new TV series called Medici Family from Florence (or something like that). I’ve seen an advertisement for it back in the states. Dustin Hoffman is in it and although we just missed him, we did see that handsome young actor who plays Robb Stark on Game of Thrones. What eyes!

TT102215-4     TT102215-6

TT102215-5     TT102215-7

We’ve also been to:



TT102215-9     TT102215-10

Eaten Gelato a time or two…or three.

TT102215-11     TT102215-12


TT102215-13     TT102215-14


TT102215-15     TT102215-16


TT102215-17     TT102215-18


ANYWAY, we have had a blast. Eaten delicious food, drank wonderful wines, laughed sooooo much and painted our hearts out. We have all decided we will be sad to leave.

I know that I will. I have enjoyed this so very much.

It will soon be time to start dreaming of next year’s workshops in Greece, Spain and France. But not quite yet. I want to enjoy every little minute I have yet remaining here in Italy. I’m going to turn out the light, listen to the quiet night and fall asleep with thoughts of today floating gently thru my mind…


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