I can tell. The wonderful smell of freshly baked croissants wafting from the kitchen. Our villa, nestled in the countryside amongst the olive trees. But…what is this device you see pictured in this photo? Is it a place to soak your dirty sox? Clean your paintbrushes? Wash your feet? This, my friends, is the infamous bidet. There has been much discussion amongst our group on exactly how to use it.

It is actually used to, uh-hem, clean one’s hinny. Therefore, common sense dictates you sit with your back to the wall, not the other way around (in case you were wondering and I know you were). Once seated, your next step is to turn on the water. First, I might suggest you adjust the temperature of the water. I know this from personal experience. It is not a good thing to simply sit and turn on the water willy nilly.

A girl can freeze or even worse, scald her precious places. See the handle just above the spout? That is where the temperature is adjusted, just like a kitchen faucet.

So, once the objective is accomplished you simply turn off the water and dismount. Congrats! You are now saved from the embarrassment of having to ask an Italian, “What is that thing in the bathroom?”

DAY ONE we spent in the studio, preparing our journals in the studio.


Then, in the evening, we attended an Italian Opera Idol type competition in PIENZA.

And here is a short video from my Facebook page of our favorite. Wow. He actually brought tears to our eyes. And yes, he was the winner of the competition.


Signing off from our villa in Italy. Hope to post again soon…


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