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Watercolor Batik Packets

Watercolor Batik Packets

* Please note: Some of the Watercolor Batik Packets are available to purchase as a download.
Select Options and choose Hardcopy or Download.

For Hardcopy (Shippable) Packets:

Each Packet includes a “line drawing”, complete instructions, “a waxing diagram” to assist you with placement of color and wax. and a reference photo.
Ginwashi rice paper used for the project is a separate purchase.


For Downloads:

Each Packet includes a pattern, complete instructions, and a reference photo to assist you with placement of color and wax.
Ginwashi rice paper is used for the project.
Be sure you pick up what you need while shopping for your packet.
Level of skill listed in each product page: All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
NOTE:  All instruction pages for these packets are always 8.5 x 11
Printing 11X17 Diagrams will require a copier capable of printing on 11×17. You can do this at your local print shop, if needed.

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Kathie George - Award Winning Artist and Teacher

About Kathie George

Kathie George is a talented artist, a much-sought-after workshop instructor, and the author of five instructional art books. She is experimental and innovative when it comes to her use of media, but works primarily in watermedia. She is best known for developing and teaching the watercolor batik on rice paper technique. Her students rave about her friendly, informative, and energetic approach to teaching.

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