It seems like a dream now, but it wasn’t. We did walk with lions. Right beside them. It is a day I will never forget. Here are a few photos from our experience, and the journal pages it inspired. WAS IT SCARY? Well, yeah, duh. But we trusted our guides and each other. We were given strict instructions on what to do – and what not to do. There were several guides who walked with us, just in case, as they say. One of them had a pouch filled with meat. We were told that the meat pouch would keep the lions minds off of us as a meal. This is also the reason we were not allowed to carry anything at all with us, other than cameras. A purse could be mistaken by a lion for a meat pouch. Yipe. I can’t describe the feeling that comes over you when you first join them. They were seated, waiting for us down the path. We needed to be ‘introduced’ to the lions one at a time, single file, letting the lions get our scent and know we would be part of their group. We were now “lions” to them. We learned so much about them that day.


After we walked a while and they were familiar with our scent, we were allowed to take photos with them – meat pouch in front, we were behind.


Here are some, but there will be more to come! I am inspired. Below there are a couple of step-by-steps for you, too. I hope you enjoy these.



Thank you so much for reading. Kathie

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