I know that Halloween is just around the corner, but my husband says there’s another reason they came to visit. And what does this have to do with today’s tip?


I went home to Illinois last week – for a workshop, class reunion (I won’t say which one) and also to celebrate a BIRTHDAY with my family. My husband Mike says my BIRTHDAY was the reason for the visitors that morning – we walked out the door and spied about 30 vultures sitting in top of a dead tree, with other circling overheard. “Lay down in the yard, be very still and see what they do,” he said. Funny guy.


Not a darn thing! Ha! Despite that, I thought you might enjoy taking a look at these really cool graphite thingies. There are two types pictured here and they are both water soluble. This means you can draw or shade with them, then touch with water and presto! The color runs.

tt102516-2     tt102516-3

Yes, they work basically like watercolor pencils but I love the bulkiness of these. Heck, I even like the cork holder they arrived in.

The ArtGraf product comes in tailor chalks (shown), sticks, a tin, a huge bar and also a strange little putty. There’s something cool about this tailor chalk set. I think it’s the shape of them, although I love the colors, too. You can also get them in the 6 piece set or individually: Sanguine, Ochre, Sepia, Brown, Dark Brown and Carbon Black – and many online retailers sell them, such as Amazon, Cheap Joe’s and the like.

They can be a bit messy, but who says messy can’t be fun? Anyone that’s been in one of my workshops may know about that.


The LYRA graphite crayon is less messy, only because it has a paper wrapper around it.

I think these water-soluble chalks will be fun to use in some up-coming pieces and I plan to give them a good try.  If you use them, send me a photo!

BEFORE WE LEAVE THE TOPIC OF TURKEY VULTURES, take a look at this cute little baby.


Okay, so I’m joking once again!

Can you imagine her mom telling her, “Don’t worry, little one. You’ll be a real beauty when you grow up”.

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Halloween!

Kathie xo

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