In lieu of the usual “Tips”, I’d like to take a moment to share my sadness with you. My mom passed away yesterday afternoon after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer over a year ago. Many, many of you have written to ask about her, so for those of you who care to know, I’ll tell you a bit about her journey.

Mom had already undergone chemo twice in her life – once for colon cancer and again for breast cancer. So, when they told her breast cancer metastasized to the lungs was not curable, she opted to not have chemo again. At that point they gave her only a few weeks to live, but she was one determined little gal! We suggested, and she was very willing, to try several alternative treatments along the way. None cured her, but we do feel like they gave her precious extra time.

She and I had shared that ‘breast cancer kinship’ the past few months while I, too, have been undergoing treatment. It sounds weird, but it did draw us closer. It was nice for the both of us to be able to talk about it to someone who knew what we were feeling. I am grateful.

Anyway, I think that’s all I need to say. I wanted to offer some information because so very many of you have asked about her, or written to her – and sent oh so many birthday cards a few weeks ago. THANK YOU! She received over 100 of them and was thrilled to tears. She said that I am very lucky to know so many wonderful people and I totally agree.


None of us knows what the future will bring, of course. This year has certainly been proof of that for me. But I can already see some of the good that can come from bad situations. Sometimes we don’t see it at first while we’re embroiled in the turmoil of the situation, but good does come. We have only to watch for it and there it will be.

I am determined to make needed changes in my life that I could not have made had I never been diagnosed. So, it brings me to this: I know that when one writes a blog, one should always be consistent and post on a regular basis. Those are the rules. But right now, I feel I’d like to be able to write at my leisure. You know, if I’m feeling stressed over it one week I don’t write – if I feel like my goofy self and want to share something with you, I write. I’d like to rename the blog “Tips on Some Tuesdays”…just for a while.

Thanks from my mom and me to all of you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Kathie xo

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