Not exactly what I expected to see at a market in Spain, but what the heck. Guess these could come in handy when one is traveling. My question is this – are these actual herbs used for the treatment of hemorrhoids? OR are these little things actual dried hemorrhoids? It has occurred to me that one should possibly consider these things before making a purchase.


It makes sense that, if one is considering traveling to Spain sometime in the future – say next year – then one may wish to be on the down-low about such things. Keeping this is mind, there are many things one might see at a market that are interesting, and paintable, too, and here’s something else I found really cool – a pint-sized Elvis!


So, do you see where I’m going with this? Not yet? Come back on THURSDAY, right here to this very blog, to find out just what you and Spain may have in common next year. Dreams can and do come true.

And now, another little snippet of something Spain for you to enjoy.

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I’ll be here Thursday with my special GIFT for you!


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