COME ENTER THE GATES WITH ME and join our adventure.  I have been without WiFi and unable to post, so in the next few days I will be sending the posts that I have written for you.

And now…let’s go ‘glamping’!

BUT FIRST, WE HAVE A WELCOMING PARTY AT OUR TENT! I can hardly believe my eyes when we see two gentle male giraffes just off the path to our tent. Look at these guys. They are truly amazing, seeing them in the wild like this. I feel so lucky and amazed by the sight of them. I don’t want to leave them! but we must go on to our tent.


See our tent in this photo, peeking out of the trees across the river?

GLAMPING is the term for what we will be doing here at Botlierskop – Glamorous Camping. And indeed it is. Take a look at how we are roughing it here in the wilds of Africa.


We drop our bags and return to the lodge for our afternoon Game Drive. Over very rough roads, into the hills and across the land we go, trying our best to spy some critters – and we DO! Wild, amazing animals. We are in their territory now and it is amazing (have I used that word already?). Here are just a few of the many, many that I took this afternoon.



WE HAVE WORKED UP A POWERFUL HUNGER. Back to the lodge for a delicious and unusual dinner. Then off to bed because in the morning we have a SPECIAL EXPERIENCE coming our way! I can hardly wait, but do not want to hurry this wonderful day. So for now, back to our warm, comfy tent for the night.


I am so glad you can join us. I will try to send photos tomorrow. I hope they will go through and I can share it with all of you!


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