Yes, this is real. I first read about it a few years ago on the Ralph Marston blog, which I love (details below), and have wondered about it ever since. Fact or fiction? Last month in Denver I had the chance to find out.


You are massively hungry and in the car on your way to…somewhere. You spy a drive-thru restaurant offering breakfast tacos and burritos and you pull in to pick one up. You unwrap it a bit while waiting to pull out into traffic and sit it down onto the console, all of those good smells wafting up into your nostrils. You whip out into the side lane of traffic, intending to begin chomping on that taco very soon. You’re like Pavlov’s dog, all slobbery from the anticipation of it.

But, unbelievably, the light never turns red. Normally, you can expect to be stopped many times on your way to…anywhere. But today, stomach growling and hot taco waiting to be consumed, all lights stay green.

Last month I was in Denver for a workshop and we were just pulling out into traffic (breakfast burritos in hand) when I began to notice that the stoplights were turning green. They may have been red up ahead, but soon as we began to approach, green they became! Light after light after light. I counted 18 lights in all and every single one of them was green for us.


There are strange forces at work here, I’d say. It’s difficult to believe and if I hadn’t been there myself I might not believe it.

There are strange forces that cause the opposite to happen whenever my husband is behind the wheel – he gets every red light, just because he hates them so much. Here’s what Ralph Marston has to say about it:

“I’m not in a position to know what unseen forces in the universe (or my perception thereof) cause the “breakfast taco phenomenon” to happen, but I am in a position to learn something from it about life in general. And that is, when you desperately need something, you’re not going to get it, but when you let go of the need, you’ll find it in great abundance. When you need the lights to be green so you can quickly get where you’re going, they’ll be red. When you need the lights to be red so you can eat a taco or check your email, they’ll be green.

The breakfast taco phenomenon reminds me of how valuable it can be to let go of my needs, and that’s something that can make a powerful difference in every area of life. ”


I thoroughly enjoyed teaching at the beautiful Audubon Park in Hendersen, KY last week. As is often the case, I learned a few things!

Here’s one cool thing that I want to share with you, since we’ve been talking about scarves the past couple of months.

Take a look at this. Jackie is using LETTUCE and CELERY to batik the design on her silk scarf! And it worked like a charm.

TT050316-3     TT050316-4

Thank you, Jackie. That was really cool. Now I’m wondering what other veggies I can use in my wax pot.


I’ll be leaving for three Journey workshop on May 13th (yes, I know its Friday the 13th. I shall not be deterred). Greece is first and I shall try to post photos to give you a peek at what we’re doing over there. This will be my first trip to Greece and I’m very excited. Plus, I’ll be sharing the experience with a bunch of really wonderful people, which makes it even more special for me. I plan to paint a lot, laugh a ton and yes, search out and have my way with any gelato establishment I can find. I realize there may be a few red lights along the way…but that’s okay. I’ll enjoy the view along the way.


By the way, a last minute cancellation has left one spot open if you’d like to travel with us to Greece. Contact me right away at and I’ll help you get everything together.

Thank you so much for reading!


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