My husband has a genius not understood by mere mortals. And so, I wasn’t totally shocked when he told me that he has no swim trunks – and we leave on a Painting Cruise this Friday. That’s in three days.

First there was the hunt through closets, where a pair from the 80’s was found. Thank God the elastic waist band had given up hope and drooped to twice the waist size. On to Plan B – shopping.

Understand that we live in Ohio… where it’s 18 degrees at this very moment with about 8 inches of snow. Asking for swim paraphernalia of any type this time of year can elicit strange ‘looks’ from clerks and passersby.

Still he persevered and returned with a bag. Swim trunks inside, I presume. I understand they were on sale big time…last one on the rack. I’m afraid to look. Hope it’s not a Speedo. Please, dear God. In any case, I have promised all concerned that he will wear a suit of some type. To be continued…

SO, YOU HAVE MADE YOUR JOURNAL…many wonderful journals of all types? I think we should use one of them, don’t you? Here’s the plan and I’m hoping you will think about joining me. Beginning in February, I’m going to talk about what it’s like to attend an overseas workshop. What are the preparations? What skills are involved? So many of you have written to ask what it takes – if you have the ability. All questions will be answered.

You say that you could never go on such a trip? It’s a long-held dream, but seems impossible? Hold on, dear ones. I have a surprise for you, to be announced on June 1st. A long-held dream of mine, to give to you.

BACK TO OUR CHAT. DRAWING seems to be such a boogabear for most of us. It seems I hit a chord last October when we talked about drawing. We want to do it, but we don’t know how to do it. So, finding the time to do it just never happens.


I propose that we get together and do a 30-day, “I’m going to draw in my journal every day for 30 days” challenge. I’m getting ready for trips of my own and can use the practice. Drawing with you will help me, too!

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones joining us in France later this year? Or maybe you are painting at home? It doesn’t matter. Here’s a chance for you to do it! Don’t pass this by. It’s doable! We will give ourselves a time limit of 10 minutes a day – EVERYONE HAS 10 MINUTES AVAILABLE for heaven’s sake.

Beginning in March, I propose that we get together, whether going on a trip or not, and do a 30-day, “I’m going to draw in my journal every day for 30 days”. Make a commitment by signing up and putting your name out there. It will encourage others to join us. We have safety in numbers!

So, share this with your friends and your art groups. Let’s make this the year that we actually learn to draw. It’s about time we conquer that monster. We are artists – a bit timid sometimes. It only takes practice, my friends. That it! Anyone can do it. CLICK THE INVITE BELOW TO JOIN US!

30 day challenge

Back to packing for the cruise. I will NOT peak into that bag…I will NOT worry about what’s in that bag.

Thank you so much for reading.

Kathie xo


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