And a goat wearing sunglasses. But first, a quick look at a “drive-by” painting en plein air.

There are times when you’re out on location. Maybe on your way to get a gelato, when you spy something you’d like to paint. But, you just don’t have the time to sit and do it. Here’s a down and dirty way to get something on paper until you can back to the studio.

  1. Whip out a bit of paper and your palette, too. One brush is all you’ll need.
  2. Don’t do a drawing. There’s no time for that.
  3. Just paint. Yep, put some splotches of color where you think things should go. Here you can see that’s just what I’ve done. It will be very rough, of course, but who cares? It will give you the ‘feel’ of what’s in front of you, and besides that, it’s FUN! Swipe, swipe, swipe and you’re done for that moment.


Here you can see how rough this method can be. But I could hardly wait to get back and start defining it with a pen. (I’ve used a Micron Pigma, but any will work). I’m sorry that I haven’t had the time to complete it yet, but on the right you can see how I began with only bits of color to represent what I was seeing in front of me. Then, on the left you can begin to see how I’m starting to define the color splotches. I am outlining all of them with pen. If the splotches are way off, I simply reign them in when I do the outlining. I can also add additional shapes or shading at this point – although I normally just leave it rough and fresh. Remember, this is in my sketchbook, not meant to be a painting. However, sometimes they turn out so nice you can frame them! Funny how things can be that way when you give yourself permission to be incorrect and free.


So, yes, here in Spain the Grapes are as big as your head.


The sea glass is as big as your hands!
And the figs remind some of…other things.


As for that goat in sunglasses.



Thought you might also like a few photos of his friends to paint? A whole heard of goats came by La Finca, complete with goat herder. We ran like fools out to the hill to take photos of them. It was worth it. I have never seen so many kinds of goats. Here you go. Enjoy!

TT061416-7     TT061416-8


That’s it for today. Back to painting beautiful Spain. (In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ll be coming back here. In May of 2018).
Kathie xo

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