What is it like? Join me now for a little look inside our travel workshops and where we’re going next year…



Everything. There is nothing like it – being in the company of other artists, away from the pressures at home. No one is going to ask you “what’s for dinner”? All you have to do is wander in to the table, sit down and be served delicious meals (and drink some pretty great wine, too).


Picture it. You’re in a fabulous location, sitting in a café with friends sipping a cappuccino. (I’m there, too, but I’m having a really big gelato). Life seems slower and easier. It is, in this place. This is all about enjoying everything good. Taking time for yourself, finally.

And painting. What about the painting? Yes, we will paint! For some, it is the first time they’ve ever been away from home (we take very good care of you). Although we will have a couple of studio days, we try to go out most every day into the surrounding villages. We want to experience as much as we can! And that also gives us the opportunity to paint on location (and shop) at several wonderful sites. Are you nervous about painting? Don’t be! It is my pleasure to teach you the ins and outs of plein air painting. There are always first-timers on the trips, so you won’t be the only one. And if you have more experience under your belt, you can feel free to wander off and find your own spot from which to paint. (Yes, if we see a great place to shop while you’re gone, we’ll holler at you).

Probably the best way to find out about a trip like these is to just talk to someone who has been. There are a few of their comments at the end of the blog (you can click here to get there quickly).

SO WHERE ARE WE GOING NEXT YEAR? Remember, this is a sneak peek. I don’t yet have the exact dates and all of the other details, but they will be soon to come and you can SAVE THE DATES!

I’m very excited to announce that next year we are going to these wonderful locations:


Followed by:


Come join us! We have a great time on our trips. Write me at: kgeorgestudio@gmail.com to get on the list for either (or both) of these trips or to ask questions. I’m happy to talk about this any time. (FYI, I already have several names on my list for both trips).


The Greece and Spain trips are filled, but there are a couple of spots remaining for France in June. Click here for more information on the Journey Workshop to France.


As you know, it was my first solo traveling experience so I was quite nervous. Each village we visited had its own special memory. I’ve done a few paintings since getting home and really hope to continue to improve (and become a loose woman!!!) I learned so much from your teaching!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

Sandi D.

I’ve been asked so many times if my trip was good. So…I just tell them that everything surpassed all my expectations.
Cindy D.

Enjoyed this trip so much, I think of it every day.
Nancy W.

It was a marvelous trip for both of us. We are so glad you were there to escort us and teach us and share your passion for painting.
Paula F.

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you somewhere in the wide, wonderful world sometime in the future!


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