Your Next SKILL for Painting in Europe. Pay close attention……

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You would not believe how many times I could’ve used that one!

Hmm….only problem being is my shoe size. Look at this – the wine bottle won’t fit into my shoe!

TT0224-1     TT0224-2

Even my daughter’s cat came up for a closer look when I was trying to cram that bottle into my shoe. You can tell by the look on his face that he’s not sure whether to feel sorry for me, or just look the other way and ignore my human ignorance.–

So much for a good idea.

Ooohhh Garcon! What size are your shoes?

TRAVELING and just packing up for the painting trip can be fun! Gathering all of your things, and the anticipation of what’s to come. It’s all part of the experience and I do love every part of it.

So, now that you have all of your supplies together, how do you pack them?

Over the years, I’ve tried a few bags. A backpack (a LIGHT backpack) works well. I used and like Rick Steve’s small backpack, but there are many others.

Once you begin to look, you will find many bags that could fit your needs. Try to consider these options:

  1. Ease of access to any item you might want. You know, so you don’t have to dig around in the bottom of the bag trying to locate something. While you’re digging, we may spy a cool shoe store and leave you behind!
  2. Weight of the bag before any items go into it.
  3. Once you get your things in, is there a bit more room for souvenirs and such?
  4. Are there private pockets where you could hide your money – somewhere not easily accessible for pickpockets.
  5. Is it comfortable to carry around, even when loaded to the max?

No bag is perfect. If you happened to find one that could be used for your carry on and then used again to tote supplies on location, that could be the perfect bag! If you find one of those, let me know!

What type of bag do I use? One year, on my way back from Italy, disgusted with trying to find coins sloshing around in the bottom of my bag, I sat on the flight home and designed a bag I thought would have everything I need. A bag that would make me happy – and it has. I enjoy carrying it. I know where to find everything I need at any given moment.

Don’t look too closely at this bag because I made it myself! Yes, it has some loose threads here and there. It’s not perfect, but I love it. Note the padded handle. We skinny chicks have boney shoulders, what can I say? This handle makes me go ‘Ahhhh’.

TravelBag Explanation
We have some still available. Click on the bag for more information. [products ids=”1039, 1052″ skus=””]

In the next post we’ll deal with the most difficult part of packing! Just about everybody gets this part wrong. They pack waaaaaaayyyyyy too much of it. Any guesses? I’m sure that any of you who’ve been on a trip already know the answer. (No, it’s not chocolate. One can never ever have too much chocolate).

See you next time.



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