Guess where I am? I am sitting in the front seat of my car on a closed portion of I-26W, on my way home from a workshop in Summerville, SC which is very close to Charleston. At the moment I have nothing to do but stare out the window at the driver next to me, so I’ve decided to write a bit about my weekend. Even before I arrived it had begun to rain a bit. But soon the word spread that Jim Cantore (from The Weather Channel) was in town. Evidently, those who live in the Charleston area know from past experience that when he arrives it ain’t good news. And so it was that the rain began to fall…and fall…and fall. It was a real toad strangler for sure.

So what did these ladies do? They went back home, put on their boots and came back to the classroom armed to the teeth. What could be better, they said, than to spend a nasty stormy weekend painting…oh yes, and eating.

They came with their crockpots, their salad and cheese bread.
They came with soup, spaghetti and Cad Red.
Brenda combined three recipes for her Mac and Cheese.
And boy did we eat it! Geez, Louise!

They came with their spoons, napkins and noodles.
They came with paint in all their caboodles.
Pumpkin rolls, brownies and then chocolate cake.
They came with their brushes, aprons and great big yummies that I couldn’t ignore.
Then they sat down to paint like the masters they are.

EXCEPT for one tiny little exception. One person brought something quite different from the rest. Something that made even the locals shudder.

Do you know what this is?

TT100615-2 TT100615-3

Evidently, this was a tube of Cadmium Yellow watercolor that was engaged by a rather hungry South Carolina cockroach. Yep, that’s the story. He chewed right thru the metal of the tube and he licked her clean! And he left his “evidence” behind to prove it.

Either there’s one dead cockroach laying on his back with all legs up…OR somewhere on the flooded streets of Summerville, SC floats a creature, altered by an overdose of Cadmium ingested one moonless night during a feeding frenzy. He swims, unafraid and impervious to either birds of prey or cans of Raid. For he searches for his next fix of Cadmium in any color, brand or quality. Beware my sister painters. Turn on that light before going into the studio.

Oooh, traffic is moving again, so I must go. Thank you so much for humoring me. And thank you girls of Summerville for your hospitality. It looks like I’m going to make it home after all! A good thing, too, because I’m supposed to leave for Italy on Thursday. Wish me luck and if all goes well I will be writing you from Italy.

Here are a few photos of our workshop this weekend.


TT100615-5     TT100615-6


TT100615-8     TT100615-9


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