This past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching for a wonderful group in Blairsville, GA. The most difficult thing for me was choosing what to wear to ‘cover’ my bald head. I had a number of looks to choose from and here they are. (I think when the girls from Blairsville see these, they may be glad I only wore a couple of them to class.)



Ho Chee Minh

Ho Chee Minh



Trailer Trash - Just give me a can of beer and a cigarette.

Trailer Trash – Just give me a can of beer and a cigarette.

Perky Wig

Perky Wig

I tried my best to make a scarf work, but I couldn’t get the darn thing tied right.

Thanks to all of you girls from Blairsville who made me feel very comfortable with my fake hair.


Continued from last week’s blog about the hot glue stencils, here are a couple of other tips along the same line.

First off, my friend and very talented teacher Karlyn Holman wrote to say that she uses parchment paper to squeeze out onto. The hot glue does not stick to that. I like that idea! Thanks, Karlyn.

Secondly, just wanted to say that you can also make stamps with the hot glue. Just squeeze it out onto cardboard. You can even draw your design onto it first, if you wish.



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And thanks so much for reading.



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