What in the world could be inside? All I can say is, it made for an interesting photo session. But first, a tip for you. After all, it is Tuesday, isn’t it?

THIS IS THE PILOT FRIXION POINT PEN. Thank you, Barbara Moore for introducing me to this. It’s pretty cool and I’ve already tried it out, just to see if it really works. It does.


This pen has a thermo-sensitive gel ink. That means it’s sensitive to heat. It’s also erasable. Barbara was using it to transfer the project design to her watercolor paper. She was drawing with a bright pink onto the design so she could see what she’d already transferred. Then she used a hair dryer afterward to remove the pink pen line and presto! Her original design was like new. They come in an assortment of colors and you can find them at Office Depot and Walmart.

WHEN A PACKAGE FROM MALAYSIA ARRIVES on a dreary summer’s day, one can only hope that it will bring a smile. Upon seeing the package, I thought about my friend, Veronica, who lives on the other side of the earth. But what in the world could she have sent? I, of course, thought it was a gift for moi.

Mike, my husband of many years, was standing at the table when I brought the envelope inside. “It’s from Malaysia,” I said. “I wonder what it is? Looks like it’s for you. Open it.”

“I don’t have to open it,” he said. “I know what it is.” Evidently, he was expecting this package to arrive, yet I seemed to be more excited about opening it than he was. Here’s the deal – both Mike and Veronica traveled with me on a Journey Workshop to Greece this past May. They got into a talk about Hammer Pants, Pajamas, kilts and other men’s ‘free and easy’ apparel. I don’t know why – and I really don’t want to know. In any case he opened the package and, sure enough, it looked like the fabric could be from Malaysia, but nothing about them looked like pajamas.

A PHOTO IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS or so they say. So, without further ado, I think these photos are self-explanatory. I hope this brightens your day as it did mine.

tt092016-2     tt092016-3

tt092016-4     tt092016-5

tt092016-6     tt092016-7

tt092016-8     tt092016-9

tt092016-10     tt092016-11

                                                                                  Wait! There is a hole in the wrong place!

tt092016-12     tt092016-13

Thank you, Veronica, for the gift and for giving us a few laughs, too.  Xoxo

And thanks to all of you for reading!


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