Need some inspiration and motivation to get you going this year? Online classes are springing up everywhere. Here are my top picks for watermedia courses in 2017.

Online classes are a great way get your creative spark going. Better yet, you can do it at your own pace. These picks are some you may not have heard about. I have not taken the courses myself – they are upcoming. But I have painted with all of the artists in one capacity or another. I love all of these ladies. They are fun and very talented, all. I’m sure that will come across in their courses.


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Anyone who’s met Karlyn knows what a ball of fun she is. She’s been teaching many years (I won’t say how long, Karlyn J), but there’s no better teacher out there. I’m sure she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve for this course.

She’s offering either a 6-mos. Subscription or a 12 month. Here’s a link to the FAQ’s:

It has an amazing list of things included in the course. (Karlyn, how am I ever going to compete with that?)

Very kindly, she has agreed to extend a discount for those of you who mention my name. So, instead of registering online send an email to her: and be sure to mention Kathie George. That’s it. They’ll give you the discount. (Gee, I feel important).

TONJA SELL. Tonya is so talented.

She does amazing work in so many mediums – including ceramic and glass blowing! She’s offering a course in merging watercolor and pastel.

This course begins on the 11th of January and Tonja is extending her Early Bird discount until the 10th. The vimeo link is a great introduction to her course and you’re gonna faint when you see her stunning work.


FINALLY, I’d like to introduce you to JANE DAVIES.


The short video on her website home page is a great introduction to get to know her and her work.

She is one of the most prolific artists I know and a wacky sense of humor. The link is to her website, where you can find any online classes she has at the moment. Most are filled right now, but something will pop up soon. As I say, she’s very prolific. And her work is amazing, too.


Oops. How did I get in here? I don’t have an online course. I have been giving it a lot of thought. I have promised myself to slow down a bit in the next couple of years, but it’s not easy to say “no”. I love teaching and I love seeing all of my friends when I return for a workshop. Still, health-wise, I know less stress is better. So, I need your feedback, my loyal peeps. WHAT would you like to see in a course?

Are you interested in learning new techniques? Even in another medium than you normally use?

Does a Design Your Own batik class have any interest? Where you’d have access for me to help you with your own designs?

One of my favorite ideas at the moment is a “loosening up” class. It sounds fun to me, but would you sign up for something like that?

I would so appreciate any feedback you can give me. What you like and don’t like about online courses. There are so many and, naturally, I would like mine to stand out.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all. May this brand new year bring us all health and much happiness…and enough creativity to make our hearts feel full.

Thank you for reading.

Kathie  Xoxoxo

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