Not having been to Denver for quite a few years, I was naturally curious about how things might have changed since the new “law” was put into place. I’m relatively certain that if you have not been in a coma the past couple of years, you most likely know the ‘law’ to which I’m referring.

I’m not sure what I expected. Well, yes I did have a picture in my mind: The airport would look much like Las Vegas, but put your coins into machines and out comes a green leafy treat – then off to ‘smoking rooms’ complete with black lights and snack bowls filled with goldfish and peanuts.

Passing other cars on the way home, I look over and see the other driver giving me a slow constant nod with a smile on his face, and a big thumbs up.

Strangely, the dog in the back seat also has a smile.

Then, strolling about the neighborhoods one might find nice-looking men dressed in suits – but focus your gaze downward and they’re wearing sandals with no socks and long toe nails, and they’re sporting a single dreadlock trailing down their backs – which they can quickly tuck in should the need arise.

Then, during the workshop, I imagined trying to explain a technique to some bleary-eyed gals that would exclaim either, “Like ya man, I can feel it. OR perhaps, “I’m stressed! Lucy, grab my backpack and meet me out back for a quick toke.”


But, as things often go, I arrived in Denver and things did not live up to my expectations. My hosts were absolutely fabulous. They neither drooled nor left the room for unexplained periods of time only to return dragging a strange odor behind them. And they dressed perfectly normal by Midwestern standards.

We did, however, get into a rather spirited discussion during class and I found out just how little I know about the wide world of pot smoking. Did you know that not only are there many different kinds and strengths of the stuff, but they some have very welcoming names, too – like Heavenly Hash, Mama’s Comfort Or Fly Me to the Moon (okay, I made that last one up). There are hookahs and pipes, and Edibles and Salves. Evidently, there has been a lot of success with an oil that eases arthritis pain. After a few minutes of all discussing this with the gals in class, I must admit I was ready to be taken down to the corner Specialty Shoppe and get oiled up, top to bottom, were it not for the thought of what might happen if I ran into a pack of drug-sniffing dogs back home at the Dayton airport.

That was it for the discussion. We went on to our lunch break.


What a FABULOUS Bundt cake they served – a sinful concoction from Southern Living magazine (see below for recipe). WOW, was this ever good. Truly yummy, and why was I craving more? Was it because I’m a little piggie when it comes to sweets (no comment from the peanut gallery), or could it be that something a bit different had been oh-so-lovingly baked into its dense creamy center? That thought suddenly hit me and I turned to ask what was in the recipe…and there they all sat. Big ole pearly white smiles on their faces. Here’s a link to that recipe:


Here is something that I think many of you might use and I want to pass it on to you. It is a little device that adheres to the back of your cell phone.  It folds flat and doesn’t weigh anything, and you can slip your finger thru it. I’m a bit of a klutz and seem to drop my phone quite often, so I’ve already ordered one of these. You can also use this thing as a little stand for your phone.


Here’s a direct link to them on Amazon:  Kickstand; Original, Genuine, Authentic ” i&PLUS BUNKER RING Essentials ” Cell Phone and Tablets Anti Drop Ring for iPhone 6 plus iPad mini iPad2 iPad iPod Samsung GALAXY NOTE S5 Universal Mobile Devices (Gold)

DON’T BOGART THAT BUNDT, MY FRIEND. And thanks so very much for reading.

Kathie  xo

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