Well, wait a minute. I think I can do something with this. Hmm…and I think it will be fun.

Did you do your Yupo experiments? They might be a bit wild looking, but that’s okay. We’ll rein them in and make them cool. You know we are artists and we can definitely do that!

There are a lot of different ways to handle Yupo. You are sort of getting the crash course, so to speak. Just know there is a lot more to learn about this wonderful and maddening surface. We are just cutting the surface.

So, Get Those Skates Back On

TT0722-2     TT0722-3

Both of these pieces are done the same way, just different subjects. Can you think of another subject you could do this way?

  1. Use either a light box or graphite paper to transfer the design onto the Yupo. Be sure you work out the design first so that you don’t have to erase.
  2. If you used watercolor, be veeeeerrrry careful with the surface. Jewelry or fingernails can scratch paint off. Drips of water will definitely remove paint. I’ve used acrylic on mine, so it stays put a little bit better…a little bit better.
  3. Can you see your design? Use a pencil if you need to reinforce it anywhere. Be sure you can see it.
  4. Paint AROUND the design. By painting the background around the design darker, you are forming the subject and you’re also removing some of that wild business of the background. Ahhhh…that’s better. I used acrylic for both pieces, because I want the paint to stay. STAY PAINT…STAY!

I usually start with a color I think will work, but it doesn’t always work. If it doesn’t work or it isn’t dark enough I have to go over it. REMEMBER – one stroke is good. More than one can remove paint. So, I use a light touch, soft brush and go for it. If I lift paint, I don’t worry about it. Just let it dry and put another stroke on top of it (good Lord, don’t do TWO, only ONE).

You’ll get the feel of it. There are definitely things you can do with Yupo that you can’t do on any other surface. It’s fun for a change.

You can also use Sharpies and other types of markers to go over the piece at the end – reinforce lines, clean up edges, etc.

We don’t often get the opportunity to Ice Skate in July, so the point is to ENJOY yourself and have some FUN!

What Will August Bring?

I’m traveling for the next couple of weeks, so I will probably take next week off to visit my mom on her 80th birthday! But I can tell you what’s going to be happening right here during the month of August. You know how much I love cats. If you’ve traveled with me, you know I’ve fed cats the world over! Ha!

AUGUST will be ALL ABOUT CATS! So, you cat lovers out there, get ready. (We may even allow a few dogs in, too. I know a few that are pretty cool).

Thanks so much for reading. Now go out and enjoy your summer!
Kathie xo

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