Kathie George

Lesson Packets

Project instructions, reference photo and step-by-step references that you need to create a painting of your own.

Choose from Watercolor Batik Packets, Watercolor Packets or Card Packets

Mixed-Media Packets Arriving Soon!

Watercolor Batik Packets

Learn Watercolor Batik with these step-by-step instructional packets.
Watercolor Batik Packets by Kathie George

Watercolor Packets

Focus on your watercolor techniques with these basic to advanced packets.
Watercolor Packets by Kathie George

Card Packets

Bite-sized, fun card packets. Perfect for holidays and gift giving. Various Sizes.
Card Packets by Kathie George

Kind Words…

Kathie George - Award Winning Artist and Teacher

About Kathie George

Kathie George is a talented artist, a much-sought-after workshop instructor, and the author of five instructional art books. She is experimental and innovative when it comes to her use of media, but works primarily in watermedia. She is best known for developing and teaching the watercolor batik on rice paper technique. Her students rave about her friendly, informative, and energetic approach to teaching.

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