I’m almost afraid to believe that spring is finally here. After such a long winter it is especially nice to feel the warm breeze and see a few blossoms. This is the time of year when I like to go outside to do some messy stuff. (Yes, I’m aware that many of you think that everything I do is messy. I know who you are).

However, some things are messier than others, such as staining papers for collage. It’s very easy to do. I usually whip up a bunch of them once a year, and then put them away in my stash. Ready to go at a moments notice.

Purchase ART TISSUE paper in white. Art Tissue is not the same stuff you use to wrap packages.

That type of tissue will disintegrate when you put water on it. Art Tissue, while still delicate, will allow you to put paint on it. It can be found in many art stores and online. It WILL say Art Tissue on the package if you have the right stuff. Here’s a link to Dick Blick, which is just one of the many places you’ll find it: http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-pure-white-tissue-paper/

Here you see some white Art Tissue, along with several pieces that have already been ‘stained’.


  1. Use Art Tissue, not regular tissue.
  2. Do not use watercolor because it may come off when you collage it onto another surface.
  3. Use acrylic, which can be thinned with water to as light of a color as you want…or quick thick and dark, if you want.
  4. The acrylic paint will stick the tissue to whatever is underneath…so, lay it on a sheet of plastic of some sort, or waxed paper. Here you see I’ve put it on a black garbage bag. I much prefer a white surface, so I can see my color, but this will do in a pinch.


  5. Here, I’m painting the Art Tissue with gold acrylic. Just cover the entire piece, then let it dry. On warm, sunny days, I take this all outside and do one sheet after another with some of my favorite colors. Then just let the sun dry them.
  6. Peel the dry painted piece off the plastic. Store for a rainy day.

You may notice that if the plastic bag had a wrinkle in it, or some sort of texture, the painted paper takes on this texture, too! It’s very cool when this happens and, now that you know about it, you can use it to your advantage. There are all sorts of plastic surfaces out there with textures…..tablecloths that sometimes almost look like a snakeskin, for example.

So, take your painting outside and enjoy the sun. Smell a few flowers, too.

Next week, we’ll work on a project with some of these papers, so that you know how to use them. As usual, you know that if you don’t have time the lessons will be here waiting for you on this blog. You can come back to them anytime.

I leave for Spain in only two weeks and I’ll try to take you along with me!


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