You knew I was going to use that phrase sooner or later didn’t you? We are here in Greece and Karen is indulging in a Greek specialty…octopus. When the waiter brought out a curly tentacle full of suction cups, I was not impressed. But Karen says it’s delicious, and it is!

We are currently spending a few days on the wonderful island of Hydra. Wow! This island is an artist’s paradise. There are no cars on this island, only donkeys (but we’ll talk about that in a later post). It’s quiet, serene and beautiful. Today we painted boats, water and rocks, too.


And we’ve prepared a surface for tomorrow’s lesson. Here you can see mine. Not sure if you can see the drawing clearly (I’m taking this photo in the bathroom in the middle of the night), but it is a little sketch of a building. Parts of it have been slathered with Coarse Pumice Gel mixed with a bit of white acrylic. I think you can see that clearly enough. It’s drying overnight.

In the next post, I’ll show you what we do with it.

Until then, if you’re on Facebook there are a lot of photos being posted of the trip. If you’re not seeing them, let me know and I’ll post a lot of them on this blog.

Now I can go back to sleep! My day just wasn’t complete without writing to you. See you soon and thanks for reading.


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