This is Oreo, the largest of our three boys. This week, I’m on my way to teach at HOOT in Columbus, Ohio. Before I go, I want to share something cool with you – you may enjoy making one for yourself! Not only with photos of your cats, but your dogs and maybe your kids!

OREO IS ONE OF THOSE GRUMPY CAT TYPES. I have many photos of him just plopping down in disgust when something doesn’t go his way. But, you know, I can identify. I really can. There are days in my studio when I want to lie down in the corner and suck my thumb. So, on one of the days when only Procrastination would serve me, I made this poster! And now it hangs in my studio and makes me smile.


If you’d like one of your own, let me know and I’ll order one for you. The cost is $10.00 for an 8 x 10, or $15.00 for an 11 x 14 plus 5.95 shipping from this website. I’m checking with Karlyn Holman to see if their print department for less for us.

Here is the website:

This cool website allows you to make your own poster, insert your own photo and make up your own motivational statement for the bottom.

Hmm…what other words could we come up with? CATastrophe, CATaclysmic, CATerwaller, CATapulting. Hey, this could be fun to think up some more of these posters! If you come up with something, please share with us, and I’ll do the same.

Oh, by the way, there’s a fantastic photographer that I know. His name is Rick Ward and he’s married to Liz Miller of Artful Endeavors in Raleigh, NC. I teach there once a year in November and he has THE best cat photos I’ve ever seen. I have painted several of them and some are now packets. Here’s one of their cat Dandelion.


Dandelion in the snow.

Next week I will show you a project done with another of his magnificent photos. I often see his photos on FB, but I wonder if he would share some with us here? (hint, hint).

Until next week…
Kathie xo

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