Many of you know that I have been teaching workshops for the past 6 weeks in Greece, Spain and then France. During these travels I have seen a lot of unusual things and heard many an interesting story. One of those stories follows. So, grab your coffee and take break for a few moments. The names have been changed to protect the …uh, traveler.


Many of you have done a lot of traveling and know that the bathrooms of the world have that ‘Forest Gump’ factor – you never know what you’re gonna get. So it was that our subject lady was traveling to Milan, the fashion capital of the world. She was very well-traveled and had seen many bathrooms in her day – those with short squat stools or even bidets. Those with flushers on the back that need to be pushed, or those with the flushers on the back that need to be pulled upward. Then, of course, you have the ones that have a chain from a ceiling tank that must be yanked in order to flush, or the stainless plate in the wall, or the pedal on the floor. Heck, she’d even seen the hole in the floor with the dip-bucket of water on the side. And so she was extremely relieved when she opened the Milan bathroom door and saw a sparkling, white room! “Only in Milan”, she thought, and settled happily onto the shining porcelain seat.

It wasn’t long at all before she had finished her business and began to put herself back together. Then, quite suddenly, a thought occurred to her. Where was the flusher? She began to check all of the normal places…back of tank, no. Front of tank, no. Over the tank, under the tank, pedal on the floor, chain from the ceiling. Hmmm. Puzzling. But being the sophisticated tourist, she was up to the task. Looking around, her discerning eyes scoured every inch of the room. There were an awful lot of those sparkling white tiles. That was it! Just push one of them and that would be the answer – flusharooni.

So, she walked right up and touched the large glistening tile back of the tank. Nothing. I imagine you’ve already guessed that she tried another…then another, then another. Two hands, going wild. Press, press, slam. Damn! Geez, I hope no one is watching, she thought.

Although a bit miffed, she was not going to give up that easily. Then she spied a tiny plaque near the door. It appeared to be grid of sorts, and had a small toilet printed on it. “Omg,” she thought.” I SPEAK into it.” And she couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of it before. She strolled up to the little plaque and meekly said, “Flush”, while waiting for that welcoming sound. There was none. Perhaps she didn’t speak loudly enough. Clearing her throat she bellowed, ”FLUUUUUSH!” Nada. Well, let’s see. I am in a foreign country, so perhaps it doesn’t understand English. And so began a torrent of every way to say ‘flush’ that she could imagine – El Flusho, Flushski Downski. You get the idea.

Stumped, she stood defeated, head bowed. She could hear people lined up outside, getting impatient. She was just going to have to face humiliation and skulk out into the hall. So, SHE OPENED THE DOOR AND…

This story is absolutely true. I have a couple of others that I will soon share with you. He, he.


As usual, if you are truly interested in joining us on one of these trips, please do not hesitate because they do fill quickly.


This information is just out. Here’s a short video made by those who did this trip a couple of months ago – it is ONLY FROM PHOTOS that the participants took themselves. I can’t believe they did all of this and more! Nancy Wright put this together and has kindly given permission for me to use it.

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Dates are April 20th – May 1st. The cost is $3995 for this fabulous, up market trip. Barbara Barrett, our host and co-tutor, has given us a wonderful price. I could not find anything comparable anywhere.


Finalizing details this week. Details will be out next week. Dates begin June 6th, 2017.


Corrine and Bill are closing their doors, but have agreed to do one final year. So, I must go one last time! The dates are September 1-11th, 2017. One last year of the relaxing, peaceful Le Vieux in Frayssinet.

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Email me at if you are interested in joining me on any of these trips!

Thank you so much for reading!


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