Did you miss me? We completed the “30 day Drawing Challenge” that was held during the entire month of March. There were 393 students signed up for the Challenge. You may be asking yourself what this painting has to do with the Drawing Challenge.

Those who drew during the Challenge, came to be familiar with their own Mr. Evil (aka the Itty Bitty SH&##y Committee), but they also learned how to control him…most of the time. One can never rid oneself entirely of that little monster.

Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing the Balinese Mr. Evil (official name is Rangda).

Do you recall that very first little drawing I shyly showed you – the first one I did when I went to Bali?

Here it is again. Tiny (about 3 inches) and uncertain, it was all I could squeeze out with Mr. Evil telling me how very bad I was at drawing. “You’ll never learn how to draw. Might as well give it up.”

Well (insert big kung fu Chuck Norris roundabouts here) take that Mr. Evil! This is the improvement I saw after three weeks of drawing. (It was much more than 10 min a day. I drew every day for most of the day of the three weeks). Determination, and try, try, try again is what gets your there. You CAN do it in 10 minutes a day. It just takes a bit longer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

TT0407-2     TT0407-1

Just Sayin…There’s hope.

For this week, I’d like to include some Quotes from the Drawing Challenge. I hope you enjoy:

We are our own worst enemy. Luckily, that’s something we can change.

The most important part of drawing is SEEING.

If you draw decisively, like you meant to do it that way, everyone will think you did.

To draw decisively, you do not need heavy drugs…just have to know how to bore the Left side of your brain, aka Mr. Evil.

When you are seeing, you are in the moment. That’s a very fine place to be.

Contour drawing is worth your time.

Attitude not aptitude.

Pretend like heck that you can draw like daVinci and ACT AS IF your skills are amazing…I know it sounds totally bogus, but if you have that mindset your drawings will improve.

There are things that only drawing can do for you. It changes your life in very small but significant ways.

There are no bad drawings. You learn much more from the bad ones than the good ones. The good ones build your confidence. The bad ones teach you.

No matter how bad a drawing is, it’s not actually going to end the world.

I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see a turkey here this morning?

ANYTHING that you draw will be more than what you were doing. Don’t berate yourself for what you haven’t done. Pat yourself on the back for each one you do, and you’ll find yourself drawing more.

Be positive about the negative (spaces).

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have taken up drawing again. I’ve been thinking of it, but I always considered the thing impossible and beyond my reach.
~Vincent Van Gogh

When your energy fades and you don’t want to draw, most of the time its because you don’t like your drawings. Don’t let a few bad drawings get you down. Get over it and keep on keepin’ on. You WILL get better.

No one is like you. Enjoy what is different about you. Don’t feel like you have to be like someone else. Your drawings are full of ‘you’, only the way that you can do it.

Sometimes Nothing (the negative spaces) are more communicative than Something.

Perfection is paralysis.

You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant ?
~Dr. Seuss

Get the Itty Bitty Sh$&:y Committee off your shoulder!

Drawing is copying what you SEE onto a flat surface.

I discovered that even if I wasn’t correct with every little thing, as long as I was DECISIVE the drawing worked.

As for the rules of perspective…ignore the names of things and just draw. DRAW WHAT YOU SEE and it will work.

Keep the attitude that each line is fine…just like that, and that. Let your lines be! Don’t try to improve your lines by going over them. This will make your lines muddled or indistinct. Your lines are good just the way you made them the first time.
~Robert Dvorak

If you would still like to try the 30-day Challenge, it will be available on www.KathieGeorge.com for at least 30 more days. On the home page, click on the Workshop tab at the top of the page….a list will drop down. Click on 30-day Challenge and you’re in! You will be able to see, not only the lessons, but photos that some students downloaded to be shared. Thanks to all who worked so hard during March and for all who shared their drawings. xoxo

Thanks so much for reading. See you next week.


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