Today is one of those days that we all seem to have at one time or another. Getting older. Things are changing. Things are appearing and growing in places they shouldn’t be growing, yet falling out of places that I wish they’d stay. UGH.

And then there’s the surgery that has certainly made things interesting. This morning, I really didn’t feel like looking in that mirror, know what I mean? Ever had a day like that?

So, what’s a girl to do? (SPOILER ALERT: Men, you may want to just scroll down to the photos at the bottom).

What happens if you start to like the new (implanted) breast better than you like the old one right there next to it? Do you dare admit it to yourself? I mean, it’s sort of a shock because I thought the old one was pretty nice – until this new one came along. Now I find my loyalties changing, and I feel a bit guilty about it. Will the other one know what I’m thinking? Does it already know and does it feel sad? I mean, it looks sad.

Adding to this conundrum is the fact that I can have this new one any way I want it! Whatever size I want. But that old one is dragging me down. Literally. What good is having just one good, perky breast, I ask you?

Hmmm…note to self…after the next ‘fill-up’ be sure to allow people to see only one side of you at a time. Wear a scarf, strategically draped over Mr. Woebegone.

In the meantime, this apron does wonders, don’t you think? If any of you would like to borrow it, just ask. I highly recommend it. It will put a smile, albeit temporary, on your face…and your husband’s face, too.


We had one heck of a time last week at the Villages Workshop in Florida. We painted scarves. There are SO many ways to batik scarves and it’s a lot of fun.

I’d like to just share one small tip with you today. It’s a super easy way to get softly floated color onto your silk scarf. There will be no hard lines to worry about. Information about where to buy the scarves and dyes are on a previous blog post. Here’s a direct link for you:

Here’s what we did:

STEP 1: First off, spritz water all over the scarf. Just enough to wet it lightly, don’t soak it.


STEP 2: Now scrunch up the wet scarf and place it inside a clear plastic bag.


STEP 3: Choose two colors and only two right now. Colors on the same side of the color wheel (analogous colors) work best. (Colors from opposite sides of the color wheel tend to make grays or mud, by the way). Squeeze up a pipette full of fabric dye.


STEP 4: Then just squirt it into the bag. You can do it blind, or if you are a ‘must-have control’ type of person, squirt in the exact spot you think will be perfect. Then squeeze up a pipette of color number two and squirt that one in willy-nilly.


STEP 5: Close up the bag and rub the outside of the bag with your hands. You can try to turn the scarf inside the bag…or not. You are blending the fabric dyes onto the scarf, of course, so it’s okay to open the bag and take a peak to see if it needs more churning.


STEP 6: Finally, open the bag, remove your beautiful scarf and lay it out. You can let it dry or keep painting at this point, depending on what you are trying to achieve.


Either way, you now have a wonderfully soft and interesting background on which to continue building!


TT022415-8   TT022415-9

TT022415-10   TT022415-11


(Yes, I will be teaching this technique at a couple of other venues this fall, one of them being the Madeline Island School of the Arts in August at the special, “How to Paint your Own Batiks’ workshop They are giving us a discount on this class thru March 6th – CLICK HERE for more info.)


I have my first chemo treatment this Thursday. Not sure what to expect, but what I do know is that all of you, dear friends, are all a girl needs to get through something like this. You have been AMAZING and I thank you. I’ve read each and every comment you’ve made on this blog and on Facebook. Many of you have sent cards…mystery angels have showered me with cards with hand-painted angels and they are all lined up in my studio, along with each and every memento I’ve received. Mike calls it my “shrine”. I LOVE IT. It makes me smile and it makes me brave. I cannot thank you enough.

Yep, Thursday’s the day. Now where’s my apron…

Kathie xo

Top of the World Workshop - all dressed in Pink!

Top of the World Workshop – all dressed in Pink!




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