Or how to DRAW A BOAT FROM A FIGURE 8. Thanks to Maureen for making us aware of this tidbit. Drawing boats has always been difficult for me and this is an unbelievably easy way to get them on paper!

But first, a tale of two stories. We played a fun game last week in Spain. The idea was for everyone to tell two stories – one should be true and the other a lie. I thought you might enjoy participating, so here are two stories. Read them and see which one might be true. If you don’t have the time, SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LESSON.

Story One: Duck! Its A Machete!
Some of our group was walking around Barcelona enjoying the sights when we hear a strange noise possibly coming from around the next corner. Barooooom, zzzzzzzz, zzzzzt. Zing. A very unusual… grinding. Curious, we followed the sound.

Sure enough, just around the bend we spy a man and his motorcycle. But it’s what he was doing with the back end of his motorcycle that captured our attention. He had the seat flipped up somehow and in its place was a rather large grinding wheel upon which he was sharpening knives. I kid you not. BIG KNIVES, maybe a foot long or more.

So, what does a group of artists in another country normally do in a situation like this? Well, they whip out their cameras and start shooting. Unfortunately, he spotted us and I guess he has no appreciation for the paparazzi, because he ran right at us, SHOUTING AND WAVING HIS OOBERLY LONG MACHETE!

We barely escaped by the skin of our teeth. It makes me quiver this very moment to just think about it.

Story Two: The Really Cool Blue Bottle

The very first evening on the Costa del Sol, we were treated to a fabulous meal at a local restaurant. We ordered wine and agua (water). We were well on our way to enjoying our wine and looking forward to the first course when all hell broke loose. The waiter, you see, delivered our water to the table and it was enclosed in a beautiful SQUARE BLUE BOTTLE, with an embossed emblem on the front. The likes of which we had never seen before.

All of us had the same thought at the same time…”I want that bottle”! We ALL wanted a bottle, but there was only one. And so began a long saga of bargaining with the non English speaking waiter to bring us 7 additional bottles. To make a long story short, we ended up with our bottles and have since photographed it on tables, with wine, in the sunlight, empty, with liquid and oh so many other ways. Now all we must do is figure out how to get them packed into our luggage.

There are the two stories. You think about it and decide which you think is true. Be aware that SOME of the false story can be true. Just not all of it. After all, isn’t that what makes a good lie?

SINCE I HAVE A LESSON TO SHARE WITH YOU, I CANT TALK ABOUT La Finca today, so I’m planning on sending another post tomorrow…with the reveal about which story is true AND ALSO A BIT ABOUT La Finca!

The Easy Way to Draw a Boat. Use a Figure Eight!


I’m going to blame the fact that boats are a difficult subject for me on the fact that I’m from the Midwest. You don’t see many boats in those corn fields. Anyway, here is an easy way to draw boats. Even I can do it!
I’ve done these step by step drawings for you, but please remember I’m doing this from Spain, so not able to use fancy software. I hope you’ll be able to read my writing.


Draw a figure Eight on its side.



Find the highest point of the figure eight and this will be the front of the boat. Your tendency may be to use the actual front of the eight, but that’s not correct!

Draw the front postie thing of the front of the boat. (See, I told you I don’t know much about boats).

Also, draw the short line down from the Eight for the back of the boat.



Now erase the bottom section of the Eight…the part that goes down over the front of the boat . That part is unneeded and can be erased.



Now, draw the short line from the top of the figure eight at the postie thing downward, to form the front of the boat as shown in this photo.

Draw the bottom of the boat, too.

And, if the back line needs a bit of adjusting, do it!


That’s it! It’s rather amazing. But actually, everything has a ‘basic’ shape: cube, square, triangle, etc. So, when something is difficult for you to draw you can begin by drawing its BASIC SHAPE, then just changing the line here and there a bit like we’ve done with the boat.


I must say goodbye for today. More painting in this warm, sunny afternoon while the sun shines. I HOPE to write more tomorrow.

Thanks so much for reading!


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