Yep, it’s true. This island has no cars, so to carry luggage or to restock the veggie market, or to transport building supplies, the residents of Hydra use mules. There are a lot of asses here and we are quite intrigued by all of them. We have photographed the asses, we’ve posed with them, but so far no one has tried to kiss an ass, busted their ass, tried to get a piece of one nor blown smoke up one.

However, in this photo you can see that several have covered their asses.

TT051916-2     TT051916-5

TT051916-4     TT051916-3

I would absolutely love to go on with this…but I’m a bit afraid that the Internet god might open up a can of WhoopAss on me. LMAO.

WE COMPLETED OUR PUMICE GEL PIECES that we began on Tuesday. Once the pumice has had a chance to dry overnight, you can simply paint over it with watercolor. Hopefully, in this photo you can see the cool texture that the pumice has given the piece.


I have to say that I love it here in Hydra. The food has been amazing, the weather perfect and yes, even though there are a lot of asses, the local people are very friendly and welcoming. We are staying in a wonderful hotel and have taken over the place…painting to our hearts content.

There’s so much to tell you, but must get some sleep for tomorrow’s adventures. Will try to write again soon.

Thank you for reading…

Kathie zzzzzzzz

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