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And for an answer to the question…

Well, for heaven’s sake, leave most of them at home! If you’re painting with me, you need very little. We love to save room for all of those cool things you’re going to buy in France, or Italy….or Spain!

Here is all you really need to bring with you.


See how comfy these students look? They are happy students because they did not have to carry around a big heavy bag full of supplies. (Well, yes, they may also be a bit happy because of the wine we had at lunch, but that’s beside the point).


And here is a LIST that you can print out and put into your “I’m dreaming of a painting trip” folder.

WC travel list_001

Next Tuesday, we’ll talk about the best way to pack these things into a suitcase and how to carry them around when we go out on location. Tune in…next Tuesday…for another thrilling episode of…PACKING FOR MY DREAM TRIP! Its coming – your dream trip. Don’t give up on it!

If you dream it, it can happen.

Thanks so much for reading and for all of your comments, which never cease to surprise me. Hey, someone is really reading this thing? Anyway, thanks to all of you.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge at

Kathie xo

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