For some reason, cats are drawn to a box. Why? Does anyone really know? But hey, in a way, aren’t we the same? Don’t we like to hunker down inside our own artist’s boxes, safe from uncertainty and the unknown? Yes, I think we all have our own little box. At least I do. I’ll bet even Rembrandt had one.


Sometimes, when someone tries to make me get out of my box, I run and hide in the closest thing around! But as long as I’m hiding, it’s still a box!


And when I try really hard to think differently and poke holes in my box, it doesn’t look like my same comfy box anymore…and it’s scary!


But why in the world should I be afraid? Trying something new can be FUN, right? So why not stick a toe out to test the water?


The first step is to say, “I am an artist.” Okay, you said it, but boy, was that a whimpy sentence. Stand up straight…march to the front door, throw it open and shout, “I AM AN ARTIST!” That first step is surprisingly difficult for some of us. In my case it was many years before I could say it and really believe it. This week in class at MISA (Madeline Island School of the Arts) in the Apostle Islands, WI, one participant meekly stated that she was, indeed, an artist. Then shyly told the rest of the class it was the first time she had EVER uttered that phrase out loud, or even to herself. It made her smile. It made all of us smile, too, because in that moment we considered the fact that perhaps we were all artists, too. Hey, Salvidor Dali had a box. A big box. But this is what he did with his.


ARE YOU AN ARTIST? Heck YES, YOU ARE! Say so! Right here, right now. Then march to that front door and shout it proudly to the world. I double-cat dare you! Are you glad that cat month has ended? Well, if cat month is almost over, it means that FRANCE is right around the corner! If you’d like to travel along with us, follow along on FB and this Blog. I’ll be happy to have you and your comments! See you back here for the regular Tuesday Tips in October, after I’m back from France.

Thank you so much for reading.
Kathie xo

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