FTC Disclosure

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) created new ‘rules’ about bloggers disclosing relationships with companies when they receive free goods or are paid. Although I am (and will always be) an independent thinker, I am happy to disclose any relationships I have for the purpose of clarity.

  • I am a certified and/or endorsed instructor for several companies. Generally this means that they have reviewed my current or past work and decided that I did ‘OK’ enough to allow me to represent their company and/or products in my workshops. I purchase directly from these manufacturers for my workshops.
  • I am not a sales rep for any of these companies, nor do I make a commission from the sale of their products to the stores/events at which I teach. From time to time these companies will send me product to work with, either to give my opinion or to make samples.
  • If you want to know who I am currently working with, please send me an e-mail at sally.lynn.macdonald@gmail.com
  • I design products for my brand, Kathie George, LLC, for which I am compensated.
  • Sometimes I will include a link to a product, which I think is pretty cool, and I will use an affiliate link to it on the page. Because one of you might click on it, and I can buy a coffee at the local coffee shop. Well maybe 1/20th of a coffee – but a girl can dream!
  • But the bottom line is I only use what I love and only promote what I believe in, regardless of compensation. If you have questions at any time, feel free to e-mail me at sally.lynn.macdonald@gmail.com.
  • We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging…

P.S. Notice there was no link for coffee or the local coffee shop. Get where I’m coming from?

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