I’m residing on Madeline Island this week where I’m teaching “How to Paint Your Own Batiks”. The studios here are wonderfully creative places, and to top it off they keep our chocolate chip cookie jar filled to the brim. We attack that thing every day, but I sorta feel sorry for this little guy. He seems to be saying, “P-p-please don’t eat me”. Yes, it will truly make me pause for a second or two just before I swallow him.


WELL, HERE I AM AT MISA (Madeline Island School of the Arts). What a peaceful, creative atmosphere. I love coming here to teach my “How to Paint Your Own Batiks” workshop. It is for the entire week. No, I don’t just make it an entire week so I can spend a week on the Island! I love to send everyone home with a working knowledge of how to paint a batik from their own photographs. And so, although I don’t usually use a projector, this week we are more concerned with painting than we are with drawing. So, we use a really cool tool.


When I have a tight deadline – or when I have a class like this one where we want to concentrate on the painting and not the drawing – I love this projector. It’s not cheap. It costs around $600, I believe, but it is very cool indeed.

First off, look at how small this thing is. It fits in the palm of your hand!


Better yet, it weighs only 1 lb. You could take it anywhere. Stuff it in your purse, or the voluptuous could even put it in their bra!

You can access your photos several ways: Get them off a flash drive, or get them directly from your computer or camera. It is super convenient, but the best thing of all is that it projects an image that is crystal clear and color correct! You can go really big, too. For example, if you are wanting to do a mural on your grandson’s wall, this projector fits the bill.

The LED light will last a lifetime, so no other expense is involved once you purchase it.

The name of this projector is an Artograph LED500. You can find them at Jerry’s Artarama, or Dick Blick or

I have a slightly older model, the Artograph LED300 which works beautifully, too. You may still be able to find one of these on Ebay or elsewhere. Here’s what it looks like close up. It’s slightly larger and heavier than the LED500, but it projects a wonderful image.

TT081915-4 TT081915-5

SO, EVERYONE HERE SAYS to say hello to all of you out there. As I peek out my bedroom window in the farm house, I see that some are still working in the studio. They turned out some beautiful batiks today, so you’d think they’d be ready for bed. But you know how it is when you are excited about what you are doing.  I think I’ll go out there and join them.

Thanks so much for reading!

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