My gift to you. My chemo is over so let’s celebrate! Here is your chance to win a trip to beautiful La Finca del Nino near Malaga, Spain. If you’ve been dreaming of joining us on a journey workshop, here’s your chance. Here are some of the details, along with the how to enter…

ENTER to win a spot to our SPAIN journey workshop in 2016! Enjoy 12 wonderful nights along the blue, blue Mediterranean. Our home will be La Finca, an artist’s retreat that consists of 4 casitas in the midst of a mango orchard and gardens. About one half mile over the hill is the Mediterranean Sea, warm and welcoming. Just a short drive the other way is the stunning white village of Comares. And that’s just the beginning. FIND OUT ALL THE DETAILS AND ENTER at


My bad chemo is finished! woo-hooooo! I’m looking forward to getting back to being myself. I plan to teach my scheduled classes at Hoot and MISA and all of the other fall classes, including Tuscany. If you are taking any of those classes, you may not recognize me (think alien). He, he.

My reconstructive surgery is scheduled for July 9th, but send in those Spain entries and I’ll be fielding them from here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Thanks so much for reading!

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