12 X 18 Batik on Rice Paper
Painted from a photo taken
in Collioure, France.
Collioure is a lovely
little harbor town
in France, visited by many
artists over the years.
When you step foot
inside the city
limits, you know why!

Every artist should have a LIGHT BOX. They just plain come in handy.
Here’s the ONE, TWO , THREE of how to do the Easiest, Lightest and Cheapest light box ever…..by request….here you go everyone.

Buy one of those aluminum pans that are used on a buffet table. I found mine at GFS Foods, but  I’m sure other groceries have them.
If you find one of those, you’ve already completed step one!
Cut a hole in one end of the aluminum pan. I used a knife to poke the initial hole, then scissors to cut it. Make it large enough for a plug to fit through.
Purchase a flourescent light at any local hardware, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.
Place the light inside the aluminum pan and stick the cord out of the hole you just cut.
(keep going, you’re doing great)!
Have a piece of Plexi-glass but just a bit larger than the size of the aluminum pan.
Put it on top. Be sure that the light switch is in the “on” position.
Then plug in the light and….
You’re ready. That’s it!
These light boxes are so light, they are great for classes, too. I simply stack all of the aluminum pans inside each other, stick all of the lights inside and I’m ready to roll.
Here we are using them in Columbia last week.
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