Why, oh why? Out! Kitty…you will not want to play with the cats I’m going to see in South Africa. In yesterday’s post I showed you how I made the cover for my travel journal. Today, the finishing details and how to use it.

Making the cover was easy and fun. And did you notice the cool details I added to the cover? No? Here’s the photo for you:

Finished journal 2


I can slip the pages in and out of it. Why would I want to do that? Well, grasshopper, when I go out on location I can take only one light page instead of lugging the entire journal. Very nice.

It works because the pages are tied into the journal with raffia. Ribbon, cord or fabric can also be used. Here are a couple of photos that show how I tie in the pages.

TIP: I don’t tie in every single page. Instead, I make ‘signatures’. A signature is just two or three pages that are put together – slipped inside each other like a small booklet. I tie the complete signature into the journal with one ribbon.


For this journal, I decided to use Raffia. I think it looks rather nice for such a rustic cover.


If your raffia is as thin as mine, you could braid it as I did in this photo. Or simply wrap a few pieces together and twist, knotting in the middle to keep the strands together.

Here is a close-up of the outside detail.


Each time you tie in a signature, knot the raffia (or ribbon) at the bottom of the journal. When you have as many tied as you want, the strands need to be secured. Do this by winding another piece of ribbon or raffia or other cord around all of the pieces near the bottom (or top OK, too) of the journal. Then slip on a bead or two and knot it a couple of times. This should keep things snug.

I am to arrive late in the evening…Wednesday. I wonder what I will put inside my journal?

I don’t know if I’ll have regular WIFI, but I promise to post soon as I do!

Thanks so much for reading.


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