I’m Baaaaaack!

Did you miss me? We completed the "30 day Drawing Challenge" that was held during the entire month of March. There were 393 students signed up for the Challenge. You may be asking yourself what this painting has to do with the Drawing Challenge. Those who drew during...

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Bite Me

Well, we all know this is tax day and I'm sure you don't like it any more than I do. I'm usually in a rather crabby mood the day or two preceding this day, when I'm working on that huge pile of paper that is my tax info. This year was no different. I was surrounded by...

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The Old Crow Gets Her Comeuppance

Somehow I knew. I had a feeling. That little sneaking suspicion that there is a thing called karma. But certainly it did not apply to some things, not all things. When I wrote that blog post about my husband's last minute search for a swimsuit in the dead of winter,...

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What am I doing in Spain? I am researching next year's workshop location. The big question is - is there gelato in Spain? I've been flying all night and pretty jet-lagged, so I will keep this short. But promise to send photos for you as we begin to paint here on the...

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