Art and Life imitate each other in countless ways. I am amazed by that fact, over and over again. For example…

Can you recall the feeling of anticipation when your baby was born?


My Baby. I like him

The excitement of wondering what he or she would become?

Strangely enough this excitement, along with a bit of fear, is what we often feel when we stare down at that blank canvas or piece of watercolor paper.

It is brand new. And no matter what we have done in the past, it is a brand new challenge for us to begin again. Putting on the paint is fun! It is our baby and you can really enjoy playing with it. But time passes all too quickly and before we know it, it morphs into a teenager.

Eegads! You knew it was coming, but somehow you are never quite ready for it.  You want to love it, but let’s face it, it’s not always easy. You still see some good things, but damn! what is all that weird stuff that has suddenly cropped up?  Did you do that?

You’re hoping it’s not too late.


Maybe you just need a break – send it off to Grandmas for a few days so you can see it with fresh eyes. Sure enough, when you next see it, it’s a new day and you begin to see new POSSIBILITIES.

After all, all teenagers go through this stage. Heck, you went thru it yourself. No matter how ugly it is you know deep down it just wouldn’t be right to give up on it. Yes, I know, you look at it and sometimes don’t know where in the world to go from here. It happens.

ALL IS NOT LOST! You have options:

  • you can ask a peer
  • or a trusted friend
  • look thru those many art books sitting on your shelves for ideas on how to continue – how to get over the “hump”. Look for ways other artists have handled this problem.
  • GOOGLE images for inspiration – sometimes a ‘spark’ will come to you – really!

OR, follow your own instincts and just plain take a chance!


Yes, you could fail, but you learn from that, too. Sometimes the bad thing teaches you more than the good, so you and your teenager grow immensely.


The main thing I want you to get from this post is never give up. Never.

This is perhaps where I differ from a lot of other artists. Many believe you shouldn’t beat a dead horse.

For me, personally, in both my life and my art, I have learned most by working until I resolve my problems. I never give up on my teenagers, no matter how much grief they give me. True, there are times when it becomes so bad that I truly give up. But in those moments I am truly free! It is only then that I let go and, without fear, just give that thing hell. Sometimes it works and other times not, but I learn. And by gosh, sometimes those teenagers turn around, bend to my will and become something familiar and pleasing. Maybe not perfect, but much improved and giving me the satisfaction that I turned them around. That is invaluable.

And every once in a while…the piece goes thru a complete transformation and becomes something different…strange to me, but beautiful in its own right. That’s when you know it has been worth the pain, the struggle, and that quart of ice cream you ate out of frustration.


SOMETIMES FRUSTRATION AND ICE CREAM IS SIMPLY WHAT IT TAKES to get you out of your rut.  This is it, sweet friends. We’re not getting any younger. It’s now or never. I write this as much for myself as I do for you.

      • MAKE A MISTAKE. It Won’t Be the End of the World.

As a matter of fact, it might be the start of something great.
Thanks so much for reading.

Kathie  xo

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